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Axe'n'Slash: Vikings vs UnicornsView
Dessine-moi MartineView
Brûly-de-Pesche 1940View
Texas Aggies Go to WarView
Charly the Vet: Animal Rescue CenterView
Belgian Chocolate VillageView
Charly the Vet: Toad RescueView

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Little Big Monkey Studio

Serious & Crazy games

Little Big Monkey is a Belgian video game studio founded in 2012.
We mainly work with Unity® software to develop our apps.

We create a lot of applications such as Serious Games, Indie Games and Interactive applications.

Indie Games

Where we're going, we don't need... roads!

Creating a video game is above all a story of passion. We like to imagine, create and develop a story, a world, a gameplay, as crazy as it is.

Indie games allow us to create the games we want, no matter which platform we use. We work as well on computers, mobiles, consoles, web or virtual reality.

We create what we love and love what we create.

Serious Games

You're the doc, Doc!

At the time of industry 4.0, Serious Game is a tool taking full advantage of new technologies to communicate in a playful way.

Serious Games aims to learn, train, inform, raise awareness, thanks to the advanced technologies of the video game.

Thanks to our experience, we can develop our Serious Games very quickly and for multiple platforms (web, pc, mobile or virtual reality).

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